• Find Bathrooms

    Flushd makes it simple to find and discover bathrooms around you in real-time at your location. Need to find a bathroom like…NOW??? Are you a mom looking for a changing table? Need a restroom that meets your expectation of cleanliness (whatever that may be…we ain’t judging ya!) Flushd has you covered.

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  • Earn Badges & Achievments

    Ever find yourself saying "I wish the bathroom experience could be gamified." Us too. Or "If only I could earn badges for tracking my bathroom habits. You know, like the girl scouts or boy scouts but for my intestinal track?" Sounds way out there, but we dig it and did it anyway. Welcome to the Bathroom Olympics, just without those annoying gold medals.

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  • Track Your Activities

    Find out information you didn’t know (and never knew you wanted to know) by using the Flushd Analyzer to track and trend interesting facts about how quickly and how often you use the bathroom. At Flushd, your #1’s and #2’s add up, multiply and divide to give you insight into your habits and preferences.

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